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1. What are the benefits of choosing electric three-wheelers over traditional fuel-powered ones?

• Environmental benefits: Electric vehicles produce zero emissions, contributing to cleaner air and a healthier planet.

• Economic benefits: Electric vehicles have lower running costs compared to fuel-powered ones, thanks to cheaper electricity and reduced maintenance needs.

2. Which Mahindra LMM electric three-wheeler model is best suited for your needs?

This depends on your specific requirements. Here's a brief overview:

• Mahindra Treo Plus: Ideal for commercial use, with a comfortable cabin for the driver and 3 passengers.

• Mahindra Treo Yaari: Designed for passengers, offering comfortable seating for 4 passengers.

• Mahindra E-Alfa Super: E-Rickshaw that has higher range of 96 km*and has better battery warranty of 18 months

• Mahindra Zor Grand DV Plus: Electric cargo that has a payload capacity of 400 kg, which ensures that you can carry heavy goods thanks to its robust design and superior performance.

• Mahindra Treo Zor: Rugged and versatile, designed for handling rough roads and carrying cargo up to 500 kg.

3. What is the typical range & top speed for each model?

Top Speed & Ranges vary depending on the model configuration. Here's a general idea:

• Mahindra Treo Plus: Up to 150 km* range with top speed of 55 km/hr on boost mode

• Mahindra Treo Yaari: Up to 80 km* range with top speed of 24.5 km/hr

• Mahindra E-Alfa Super: Up to 96 km* range with top speed of 25 km/hr

• Mahindra Zor Grand DV Plus: Up to 100 km* range with top speed of 50 km/hr

• Mahindra Treo Zor: Up to 80 km* range with top speed of 50 km/hr

4. What government incentives are available for purchasing electric three-wheelers?

Government subsidies vary depending on the state or region. However, some common incentives include subsidies on purchase price, reduced registration fees, and exemption from road tax.

5. What kind of after-sales service and warranty do you provide?

Mahindra offers comprehensive after-sales service and warranty coverage for its electric three-wheelers. This includes regular service checks, breakdown assistance, and warranty repairs.

*Range is Typical Driving Range

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