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Mahindra Last Mile Mobility is your one-stop destination to find innovative electric vehicles. At Mahindra, we are committed to revolutionizing the transportation industry; hence, we bring you our latest addition, Mahindra E Alfa Super. Available in six attractive colours, this brilliantly designed three-wheeler electric auto features a strong metal body and provides best-in-class safety to both the driver and passengers. The E Alfa Super price starts at Rs. 1.61 lakh. Read further to discover the Mahindra E Alfa Super specification list, benefits, and frequently asked questions about this innovative vehicle.

e-alfa Super
e-alfa Super

e-Alfa Super

  • Higher Range
  • Better Battery Warranty

Key Features of Mahindra e-Alfa Super

  • Wheelbase:

    With a 2168 mm wheelbase and 138 mm ground clearance, the Mahindra e-Alfa Super gives better balance (in the case of an empty vehicle)as compared to other standard vehicles in the market.
  • Battery Capacity:

    With a battery capacity of 140 Ah, Mahindra e-Alfa Super has an increased range of 95+ km, offering you higher earnings.
  • Seating Capacity:

    e-Alfa Super has a seating capacity of Driver + 4 passengers making it spacious and comfortable enough for the commute.
  • Vehicle Type :e-Rickshaw
  • Seating Capacity :D+4
  • Services :5 free services
  • Real World Range :95+ km*
  • Wheelbase :2168 mm
  • Warranty :1 year on vehicle,
    18 months on battery
  • Battery Capacity :140 Ah

Benefits of the Exceptionally Designed Mahindra e-Alfa Super

  • Mahindra e Alfa Super:

    Mahindra e Alfa Super is an electric auto particularly designed with convenience and safety of the passengers and driver in mind. Here are a few benefits that come with the innovative e Alfa Super
  • Super Safe:

    With this innovative vehicle, we have ensured utmost safety for the passengers and the driver. The 2168 mm wheelbase and 138 mm ground clearance provide the Mahindra e-Alfa Super better balance (in the case of an empty vehicle). Its excellent suspension keeps the electric vehicle stable as well as the driver along with the passenger safe and comfortable. The closed body design and metal construction also offers appropriate protection from the elements.
  • Super Stylish:

    If the cars on the road can look supremely elegant, so can our electric autos. The unique and modern design of the e-rickshaw comes in six distinctive colours, such as Nissan Blue, Piano Black, Golden Yellow, Turquoise Green, Warm Red, and Solitaire White.
  • Super Performance:

    The peak power of 1.64 kW offers enhanced acceleration, more trips, and increased income. Additionally, the torque of 22 Nm (@190 motor r/min) makes driving on the slope super easy. The Mahindra E-Alfa Super rickshaw also features an 18 A improved off-board charger and gradeability of 5 degrees, which makes even the toughest climb seem like a breeze.
  • Super Trusted:

    It is one of the most trusted electric rickshaw as it comes with free accidental insurance of Rs. 10 lakhs, giving the driver's family a safe future. The strong metal body and cutting-edge design ensure utmost safety for both the passengers and the driver.
  • Super Range and Earnings:

    Thanks to the 140 Ah battery, Mahindra eAlfa Super has a range of 95+ km, offering increased earnings. This superior electric vehicle comes with an 18-month warranty on the new battery, which means you will have no maintenance hassles to face. Additionally, you will be offered a 12-month warranty on both the vehicle and charger.
  • Super Safety
  • Trust & Security
  • Powerful Performance
  • Excellent Range
  • Robust Earnings
  • Super Safety

    The e-Alfa Super features a strong metal body along with a longer wheelbase of 2168 mm and higher ground clearance of 138 mm* which provides riders with better safety.

  • Trust & Security

    Stay tension-free as you receive a ₹ 10 Lakhs accidental insurance cover to keep you secure.

  • Powerful Performance

    Equipped with a motor sporting 1.64 kW peak power and 22 Nm torque, the e-Alfa Super ensures a smooth and comfortable ride.

  • Excellent Range

    The e-Alfa Super has 140 Ah Battery.

  • Robust Earnings

    The improved 18-months battery warranty minimises maintenance requirements, resulting in higher earnings for the driver.

About e-alfa super


1. What is the price of the Mahindra eAlfa Super?

The Mahindra eAlfa Super price starts at Rs. 1.61 lakhs and comes with free accidental insurance of up to Rs. 10 lakhs, for the driver.

2. What is the average mileage of the Mahindra e-Alfa Super?

The real-world mileage range that Mahindra e-Alfa Super offers 95+ km offering higher earnings.

3. What is the passenger capacity of Mahindra e-Alfa Super

The passenger capacity of the Mahindra e-Alfa Super is D+4 passengers.

4. What is the difference between the e-Alfa Mini and the e-Alfa Super?

The main differences between the e-Alfa Super and Mahindra e-Alfa Mini lie in the price and gross vehicle weight. The Mahindra e-Alfa Super price starts from Rs. 1.61 lakhs, with a power of 2 HP and a gross vehicle weight of 792 kg. The e-Alfa Mini, on the other hand, has a price range starting from Rs. 1.45 lakhs with a power of 2 HP and a gross vehicle weight of 758 kg.

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Other than the exceptional Mahindra e-Alfa Super, you can explore other electric 3-wheeler autos such as theMahindra Treo andMahindra Treo Yaari. Both of these vehicles offer an excellent real-world range of 130 km and 80 km, respectively. Both run on a 48-volt lithium-ion battery. Explore our website and learn more about these amazing electric 3 wheelers to make the right choice.

Join the Sustainable Mobility Movement with Mahindra

At Mahindra, we believe in the power of sustainable mobility to transform urban transportation. The E-Alfa Super represents our commitment to creating a cleaner, greener future. Join us in embracing this revolutionary electric vehicle that contributes to sustainable urban transportation.

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*138 mm in unladen condition

*Range in D+1 driving condition

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