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Mahindra Jeeto Plus Petrol: Sahi Chuno Kamao Zyada

To cater to your business requirements, Mahindra Last Mile Mobility brings to you one of its finest creations, Mahindra Jeeto Plus Petrol. This vehicle provides a compact and dependable solution for the transportation needs of small businesses. Its efficient design, outstanding fuel efficiency, and affordable price make Jeeto Petrol a perfect companion for cost-conscious businesses looking for dependable and cost-effective mobility.

Jeeto plus Petrol

  • Big on mileage
  • Big on warranty
    seventy thousand

Discover the Key Features of Mahindra Jeeto Plus Petrol

The key features of a cargo vehicle help determine its efficiency and how well it will benefit your business. Let us give you a glimpse of the key features that make Mahindra Jeeto Plus Petrol one of your best business investments.

  • Payload Capacity:

    Mahindra Jeeto Petrol comes with a payload capacity of 715 kg. This means you can transport a larger quantity of goods in a single trip, thus resulting in cost savings, reduced need for multiple trips, and minimised fuel and labour costs all at once.
  • Engine Type:

    The petrol engine of the Mahindra Jeeto has four stroke-positive ignitions, which ensure lower emissions, smoother operation, and improved fuel efficiency.
  • Higher Power:

    Mahindra Jeeto Plus Petrol has a high power of 17.3 kW, which promises a better pickup, thus resulting in better performance.
  • Amazing Mileage:

    The excellent Mahindra Jeeto Petrol mileage of 21.2 km/l helps you save more on fuel costs.
  • Vehicle Type :Petrol Cargo
  • Higher Power :17.3 kW
  • Vehicle Weight :1450 kg
  • Engine type :Four Stroke-Positive ignitions, Petrol engine
  • Payload :715 kg
  • Cargo Box :2257 mm
  • Mileage :21.2 km/l*
  • Warranty :3 years or 72000 kms

Benefits of Investing in Mahindra Jeeto Plus Petrol Cargo

Mahindra Jeeto Petrol is brilliantly designed to offer you the best driving experience along with increased savings and profits. Its reliability, efficiency, and affordability make it worth every penny. Discover the benefits of selecting Mahindra Jeeto Petrol for small commercial transportation needs below:


  • Excellent Driving Experience:

    This cargo four-wheeler has excellent steering control allows great manoeuvrability and is well-suited for driving in narrow lanes.
  • Great Performance:

    The 48 Nm torque promises better gradeability, resulting in smooth climbs over steep inclines. Additionally, its 17.3 kW high power ensures better pick-up, thus leading to great performance through the journeys.
  • Low Investment, More Profit:

    Its economical price range of Rs. 4.29 lakh to 4.59 lakh makes it easier to purchase. Plus, the new technology ensures low maintenance costs and promises the longevity of the vehicle.
  • Higher Earnings:

    The vehicle comes with a big deck of 2257 mm and a payload capacity of 715 kg, which helps you earn more profits. Its warranty of 3 years/72 000 km makes it a perfect option to invest in, while its 21.2 km/l mileage allows you to save more on fuel costs.

Benefits of buying Jeeto Plus Petrol

  • Great performance
  • Excellent driving experience
  • Low investment more profit
  • Big Earnings
  • Great performance

    48 Nm torque ensures better gradeability resulting in climbing steep inclines with ease.

  • Excellent driving experience

    Excellent steering control that allows great maneuverability and well-suited for driving in narrow lanes.

  • Low investment more profit

    New technology which ensures low maintenance cost.

  • Big Earnings

    21.2 km/l* mileage lets you save more and comes with a Warranty 3 years or 72000 km.

About Jeeto Plus Petrol

Other Four-Wheeler Cargo Vehicles by Mahindra Last Mile Mobility

Now that you know all about the Mahindra Jeeto Plus Petrol, it would be an ideal choice to explore other four-wheeler cargo vehicles by Mahindra to make an investment that caters to all your requirements. Mahindra Jeeto Strong CNG Cargo is a perfect choice to enjoy non-stop success and thanks to its impressive mileage of 32 km/l. With a fuel tank capacity of 68 litres and a payload capacity of 750 kg, this CNG cargo is set to elevate your business.

Mahindra Jeeto Strong Diesel Cargo on the other hand, is designed to provide incredible savings of Rs. 200 000 in 2 years. With a cargo box of 2257 mm and a payload capacity of 750 kg, you are destined to deliver more and earn more. The Jeeto Diesel, with its mileage of 32 km/l, promises more savings on fuel costs and comes with a warranty of 3 years/72 000 km. What more could you ask for from a cargo vehicle? Visit our dealer locator page today to learn more about these cargo vehicles.

Mahindra Jeeto Plus Petrol is an ideal choice that perfectly caters to your small business transportation needs. Thanks to its impressive performance, excellent driving experience, amazing payload capacity, and economical price, the Mahindra Jeeto Plus Petrol is bound to be your best companion for years.



1. What is the starting price of the Mahindra Jeeto Petrol?

The Mahindra Jeeto petrol price range starts at Rs. 4.47 lakh to 4.59 lakh.

2. What is the payload capacity of the Mahindra Jeeto Petrol?

The payload capacity of Jeeto Plus Petrol is 715 kg.

3. What are the colour options available for the Mahindra Jeeto Petrol?

Jeeto Mahindra Petrol is available in colour options such as White Diamond, Ultramarine Blue, and Sunrize Red.

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