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Welcome to Mahindra Last Mile Mobility, we are committed to revolutionising urban transportation with our unique, innovative electric vehicles. Let us introduce you to our Mahindra Treo electric auto. It is a cutting-edge electric vehicle that offers a sustainable solution for your last-mile mobility challenges. From its impressive features to its environmental advantages, let’s discover why the Treo auto stands second to none when it comes to urban electric transportation.


Treo SFT

  • Higher Savings
  • Lower maintenance cost

Key Features – Treo SFT

  • Zero-Emission Performance: The Mahindra Treo E Auto is impeccably designed and engineered to contribute to eco-friendly urban mobility.
  • Impressive Range and Battery Life: These are some of the best Mahindra Treo specifications. It has an impressive real-world range of 110 km and a battery life of a minimum of 5 years.
  • Intelligent Design: A reliable product from a trusted brand, the Mahindra Electric Treo SFT ensures easy repair and replacement thanks to its rust-free, dent-resistant, and durable SMC panels. This electric three-wheeler offers a superior experience with its noiseless, vibration-free, and comfortable ride. The king-size space of the classic Treo Mahindra ensures enough leg space to ride in comfort.
  • Advanced Safety Features: Mahindra Treo auto comes with an in-built rear crash guard to protect passengers from cases of rear impact. This innovative electric 3-wheeler comes with an IP 67 motor, which provides enhanced protection from the entry of water and dust.
  • Vehicle Type :Electric Auto
  • Passenger Capacity :D+3
  • Maintenance Cost:₹ 10 paise/km*
  • Charging Time :3 h 50 min
  • Real World Range : 130 km*

    Terms & conditions applied

  • Top Speed :55 km/h

    On Boost mode

  • Warranty :3 years or 80000 km*
  • Battery Type :Lithium-ion, 48 V

Benefits of buying a Treo

Benefits of Treo SFT

  • Cost-Effective Solution: The Electric Auto Mahindra Treo, with its low maintenance cost of only 10 paise per kilometre, leads to savings of up to Rs. 70 000 each year when compared to a CNG vehicle.
  • Environmental Sustainability: Thanks to its zero-emission feature, this electric auto contributes to environmental sustainability and a better tomorrow in terms of urban mobility.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: The outstanding efficiency of the Mahindra Treo is a result of its marvellous design and impeccable features. It provides a noiseless and vibration-free ride through a clutch-free and gearless automatic transmission. It also offers world-class performance with its 8 kW of power and 42 Nm of torque. This three-wheeler is powered by lithium-ion technology that requires zero maintenance.
  • Higher Savings
  • Higher Power of 8 kW
  • Advanced Lithium-Ion Technology
  • Enhanced Safety & Stability
  • Fatigue-Free Experience
  • Higher Savings

    With a low maintenance cost of only 10 paise per km, leading to savings of up to ₹ 70 000.00* every year compared to CNG vehicle.

  • Higher Power of 8 kW

    This incredible power allows better acceleration, better pickup and faster turnaround results in more trips and more earnings.

  • Advanced Lithium-Ion Technology

    Zero maintenance, lithium-ion battery with 3 years standard warranty & minimum 5 years of battery life.

  • Enhanced Safety & Stability

    With IP 67 rated motor gives enhanced protection from water & dust entry. The in-built rear crash guard protects passengers in case of rear impact.

  • Fatigue-Free Experience

    Delivered by clutchless & gearless automatic transmission with noiseless & vibration-free ride.

About Treo SFT


1. What is the price of the Mahindra Treo?

2. What is the mileage of the Mahindra Treo?

Mahindra Treo mileage ranges between 110-130 km per charge.

3. What is the charging time for the Mahindra Treo?

The charging time of the Mahindra Treo is 3 hours and 50 minutes.

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Mahindra offers a wide range of electric vehicles, each with its own brilliant features and marvellous design. If you are looking for an electric auto or rickshaw, Treo, Treo Yaari, and e-Alfa Super deserve all your attention. The higher savings, impressive design, low maintenance cost, and enhanced safety and stability of each Mahindra electric auto and rickshaw make them a deal-breaker for public transportation systems. If you are on the quest for a three-wheeler electric cargo, Zor Grand, Treo Zor, and e-Alfa Cargo are the ones to explore. With higher savings, a spacious delivery box, an amazing payload, low maintenance costs, and best-in-class performance, they are destined to be the perfect addition to your garage.

Join the Sustainable Mobility Movement with Mahindra

At Mahindra believe in the power of sustainable mobility to revolutionise urban transport. The Treo illustrates our commitment to creating a more environmentally friendly future. Embrace this ground-breaking electric vehicle and join us in promoting sustainable urban transportation.

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