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Mahindra Jeeto Strong CNG: Mileage Sabse Zyada, Mazbuti Ka Bhi Wada.

Experience undeniable progress with the all-new Jeeto Strong CNG, a four-wheeler cargo boasting an impressive nonstop range of 400 km for your intercity journeys. This powerhouse not only redefines endurance but is also stronger with a robust 750 kg payload capacity. Jeeto Strong CNG cargo is a versatile and sustainable choice, as it leaves a minimal carbon footprint while contributing to enhancing your business. Meet the future of transportation—the Jeeto Strong CNG, where innovation meets reliability for seamless intercity travel.


  • Zyada Mileage
  • Enjoy non-stop Success

Features and Performance of Mahindra Jeeto Strong CNG

This CNG 4-wheeler cargo vehicle is packed with features that are destined to increase your savings and earnings while providing optimum performance. Unlike any other traditional cargo vehicle, the Jeeto Strong CNG is made stronger and tougher to meet your last-mile requirements efficiently. Read further to discover its key features and why it is bound to be one of your best investments so far.

  • Fuel Tank Capacity:

    Mahindra Jeeto CNG has an impeccable fuel tank capacity of 68 L, offering you longer rides without having to worry about refuelling time and again. Additionally, it allows you to enjoy a non-stop, amazing range of 400 km on a full tank.
  • Engine Type:

    This four-wheeler cargo has a four-stroke, positive ignition engine that offers optimum performance like no other traditional cargo vehicle.
  • Payload Capacity:

    One of the best features of the new and strong Jeeto CNG is its payload capacity of 750 kg. Additionally, it has a cargo box of 2257 mm, allowing you to carry larger quantities of goods at once, reducing the number of trips and fuel costs.
  • Mileage:

    The Mahindra Jeeto CNG mileage of 35 km/kg promises lower costs and higher earnings, which further contribute to enhanced business. Additionally, its low maintenance costs make it a reliable choice in the long run.
  • Vehicle Type :CNG Cargo
  • Vehicle Weight :1595 kg
  • Fuel Tank Capacity : 68 L*
  • Payload :750 kg
  • Cargo Box :2257 mm
  • Mileage :35.00 km/kg *
  • Warranty :3 years or upto 72000 km*
  • Engine Type :Four Stroke, Positive Engine Ignition, CNG

Benefits of Investing in Mahindra Jeeto Strong CNG

We at Mahindra Last Mile Mobility has thoughtfully crafted Mahindra Jeeto Strong CNG, one of our finest creations that will not only elevate your business to new heights but also minimize the carbon footprint on the earth. Read below to discover the benefits of investing in this four-wheeler CNG tempo.


  • Better Performance:

    Mahindra Jeeto CNG comes with a payload capacity of 750 kg, which allows you to carry more goods in one trip. Additionally, its 15 kW of power and 44 Nm of torque give excellent pickup, further contributing to its performance.
  • Higher Savings:

    The Jeeto CNG mileage of 35 km/kg leads to lower costs and increased earnings, thus elevating your business. Its 2257-mm cargo box allows you to save on unnecessary fuel costs by carrying more load in a single trip. The best thing about investing in this vehicle is its 3-year, or 72,000 km, warranty, which leads to low maintenance costs and higher earnings.
  • Enhanced Comfort:

    Experience the convenience of a new and user-friendly digital instrument cluster, ensuring timely maintenance. Additionally, with this vehicle, you can enjoy enhanced rear suspension for effortless handling of heavy loads.
  • Improved Safety:

    Mahindra Jeeto Strong CNG comprises innovation with its electric vacuum pump-assisted braking system, a first in its segment, which reduces the breaking effort. Adding to it is the semi-forward cabin, which makes it a safer choice than other cargo vehicles in the market.

Benefits of buying Jeeto Strong CNG

  • Zyada Range
  • Zyada Performance
  • Zyada Saving
  • Zyada Comfort
  • Zyada Safety
  • Zyada Range

    Enjoy non-stop range of 400km. 

  • Zyada Performance

    750 kg payload to carry more Load in one trip.
    Power of 15 kw and Torque of 44 Nm which gives excellent Pickup.

  • Zyada Saving

    Best-in-class mileage of 35 km/kg resulting in lower costs and higher earnings.
    Large 2257mm cargo box that can carry more load in a single trip.
    3 years or 72000 km leading to low maintenance costs and higher earnings.

  • Zyada Comfort

    New and user-friendly digital instrument cluster allowing right maintenance at right time.
    Improved rear suspension that can carry heavy loads with ease.

  • Zyada Safety

    Segment-first electric vacuum pump assisted braking system that reduces breaking effort.
    Semi forward cabin that makes Jeeto Strong even more safe.

About Jeeto Strong CNG

Mahindra Jeeto Strong CNG: Price and Affordability

The Mahindra Jeeto Strong CNG cargo vehicle stands out for its cost-effectiveness, with a lower starting price than its diesel counterparts. It comes at a four-wheeler tempo price of Rs. 5.55 lakh. With lower CNG fuel costs and emissions, the vehicle proves to be cost-effective over time, delivering both financial and environmental benefits in the highly competitive cargo vehicle market.


Mahindra’s Role in the CNG Vehicle Market

We at Mahindra are committed to developing cleaner-energy vehicles, and our CNG lineup demonstrates this dedication. Our CNG vehicles, such as the Jeeto Strong, demonstrate efficiency, sustainability, and innovation, illustrating our vision, more responsible automotive future. Browse through our website and explore cargo vehicles that best match your business requirements and personal preferences. While at it, explore Mahindra Jeeto Plus Petrol and Mahindra Jeeto Strong Diesel.



1. What is the cost-saving advantages of the Jeeto Strong CNG?

Mahindra Jeeto Strong CNG is one of the best cost-saving investments you could ever make. It has a large 2257 mm cargo box, which allows you to carry more goods at once, and a mileage of 35 km/kg, which promises lower costs and increased earnings. Furthermore, it comes with a 3-year, or 72,000 km, warranty, which adds to the cost-saving benefits.

2. What is the mileage of the Mahindra Jeeto Strong CNG and how does it impact cost savings?

Mahindra Jeeto Strong CNG offers a mileage of 35 km/kg, leading to lower operational costs and increased earnings, along with low maintenance costs.

3. What range can I expect from the Jeeto Strong CNG on a single fuel fill-up?

You can expect a range of 400 km on a single fuel fill-up.

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