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The Mahindra TREO Plus is not just another electric auto; it is a step towards the revolution of urban transportation. This remarkable three-wheeler electric auto is brilliantly designed to help you increase your savings. The TREO Plus not only covers more distance on a single charge but also comes with the safety, comfort, and performance features to increase your earnings.



  • Higher Range
  • Higher Savings

Key Features of the Mahindra Treo Plus

Being eco-friendly and affordable choices, Mahindra Treo Auto is here to initiate a massive transformation in the industry. Let us take a close look at the impeccable features that come with this marvellous vehicle:

  • Battery Capacity:

    This Treo passenger vehicle comes with a 48V lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 10.24 kWh. This three-wheeler electric auto has a real-world driving range of 150 km on a single charge. The battery has a charging time of 4 hours 20 minutes.
  • Passenger Capacity:

    This Treo electric vehicle can fit a driver and 3 passengers at a time. With spacious legroom for both the driver and passengers, this vehicle makes a great investment for a better travel experience.
  • Top Speed:

    The Mahindra TREO Plus has a top speed of 55 km/h in boost mode.
  • Different Modes:

    In this vehicle, one can opt for performance based on the driver’s requirements. The economy mode offers a better range, whereas the boost mode offers better performance.
  • Vehicle Type :Electric Auto
  • Passenger Capacity :D+3
  • Maintenance Cost :10 paise/km*
  • Charging Time :4 h 20 min
  • Real World Range :150 km*

    *ARAI certified range is 167 km. Typical driving range depends on driving conditions

  • Top Speed :55 km/h

    On Boost mode*

  • Warranty :5 year or 120000 km*

    (*3 year /80000 km standard and 2 year / 40000km extended warranty)

  • Battery Type :Lithium-ion, 48 V

Benefits of Choosing Mahindra Treo Plus

The Mahindra TREO plus is a brilliantly built three-wheeler electric auto that offers several benefits, such as:


  • Range:

    Mahindra TREO Plus has a real-world driving range of 150 km per charge and its ARAI-certified range is 167 km. This promises potential to drive more & earn more.
  • Technology:

    When it comes to the technology factor, no other vehicle can beat the Mahindra TREO Plus. Its 10.24 kW battery ensures powerful performance and can be fully charged in 4 hours 20 minutes. Additionally, it is supported by the NEMO driver app, which comes with features that make your experience even better.
  • Performance:

    It’s incredible performance is ensured by the 8 kW power and 42 Nm torque, which give it a better pickup. The 55 km/h top speed promises a faster turnaround, and the 12.45° gradeability makes climbing easy, hence contributing to better performance.
  • Cost Savings:

    Investing in the Mahindra TREO Plus is synonymous with saving ₹ 6 00 000 in 5 years in comparison to a CNG vehicle. Additionally, it comes with a 5-year/120000 km warranty, which only serves as the cherry on top.
  • Comfort:

    This electric auto is built with a best-in-class wheelbase of 2073 mm, which provides stability. Furthermore, the Hill Hold Assist in the rickshaw makes driving on the hills easier.
  • Environmental Benefits:

    Since it is an electric vehicle, carbon emission is zero, thus making it a sustainable choice in the long run.

    This technological advancement makes it stand apart from the rest. The Mahindra TREO Plus comes with the NEMO DRIVER APP. This app has multiple convenient features for the driver and offers easy navigation facilities. One can also reap the benefits of remote monitoring of range and fuel economy. It also notifies with charging status alerts, along with many other features that can make life easier than ever before.

Benefits of buying a Treo Plus

  • Technology +
  • Range +
  • Performance +
  • Comfort +
  • Savings +
  • Technology +

    10.24 kWh battery delivers powerful performance.

  • Range +

    Typical Driving Range of 150 km in a single charge
    (*ARAI certified range is 167 km. Typical driving range depends on driving condition)

  • Performance +

    8kW power and 42 Nm torque gives better pickup. 55km/h top speed, which gives faster turnaround.
    12.45° gradeability makes climbing easy.

  • Comfort +

    Best-in-class wheelbase of 2073 mm providing stability and more legroom to driver & passenger.
    Hill Hold Assit makes driving easier on hills.

  • Savings +

    Saving of Rs 1.2 Lakh** every year in comparison to CNG.
    5 year / 120000 km* Warranty
    (*3 year / 80000 km standard and 2 year / 40000 km extended warranty)
    (**Calculation based on current fuel cost and driving 175 km* per day)

About Treo Plus

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Other than Mahindra TREO Plus, Mahindra Last Mile Mobility offers several other innovative electric auto rickshaw, such as Mahindra TREO, Mahindra E-ALFA Super, and Mahindra TREO Yaari. Every Mahindra electric auto rickshaw has been crafted keeping in mind modern requirements with a sustainable approach. With affordability, performance, safety, comfort, and environmental concerns at the top of the list, each electric vehicle is made to serve your needs.

Mahindra TREO Plus is an innovative, environmentally friendly three-wheeler electric auto that provides affordability, reliability, and sustainability at its finest. Simply put, it is a wise choice for urban transportation. So, wait no longer to be a part of Mahindra Last Mile Mobility’s sustainable transportation movement and choose efficiency by investing in a Mahindra TREO Plus electric auto today!



1. What is the charging time for Mahindra Treo Plus?

Mahindra TREO Plus has a charging time of 4 hours, 20 minutes and a driving range of 150 km on a single charge.

2. Can I use the Mahindra Treo Plus as a passenger vehicle for my daily commute?

Yes. You can use the Mahindra TREO Plus as a passenger vehicle for your daily commute thanks to its impeccable performance, safety features, and enough legroom for both the driver and passenger, thus providing unparalleled comfort throughout the ride.

3. What is the maintenance cost of Mahindra Treo Plus?

The maintenance cost of Mahindra Treo Plus is 10 paise/km

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